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Onion Flavor

A combination that excites all the senses, combining the sweetness of the Corn Wings with the delicate intensity of the Organic Onion, experimenting the essential flavors of Dolomais territory of origin.


What’s the secret of the authentic taste of well-being?
Only ingredients from Certified Organic farming, grown up respecting the environmental ecosystem and natural cycles, without any chemical additive and totally GMOs free;
Baked with cutting-edge technologies following our unique family recipe, avoiding the addition of oils to benefit from those naturally present in the corn, to be truly light, healthy and delightful.
Thanks to our philosophy of production, the Corn Wings can preserve – in their perfectly balanced and delicious crunchiness – all the nutritional richness and memorable taste of nature’s goodness intact.


  • Organic whole corn flour
  • Organic maize seed oil
  • Sea Salt
  • Organic Dried Onion 1,80%

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