Our Philosophy

Ethically sourced ingredients

The high quality of our Corn Wings is the result of the care and the commitment we have in the selection of the key elements from which they are made.

Inspired by the principles of our long-lasting family tradition and the sensitivity that has always guided our vision, we have adopted only ingredients from Certified Organic farming, without any preservatives and chemical additives and totally GMOs free.

Our raw materials, grown up respecting the environmental ecosystem of origin and baked, avoiding added oils benefiting from those naturally present in the corn, can in this way enhance the taste of authentic well-being, preserving unaltered the wealth of nutritional properties.

Eco-friendly packaging

Respecting our core values, the adoption of virtuous and responsible practices for a more sustainable future is more than ever a priority at this time.

Aware of the harmful impacts on the health of people, animals and the planet resulting from the uncontrolled waste of plastic, we are committed to offer our contribution using only 100% recyclable materials for the Dolomais’ packaging.