Our History

Where the CORN WINGS are born

Our company is located on the slopes of the Dolomites National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where nature thrives uncontaminated and flourishing, infusing the raw material with the essential purity of its nourishment. 

It is here that we conceived Dolomais, the crowning achievement of our family’s long agricultural and culinary tradition, deeply rooted in the territory of origin and its cultural heritage. 

The Corn Wings take shape from the idea of genuine well-being that permeates the healthy life of these mountains, awakening the senses with the taste of the authentic goodness of what is natural. Our heritage, which has always been based on solid principles of respect for the environment and people, is a precious reserve of ancient knowledge and craftsmanship experience, which is enriched day after day in contact with the new frontiers of cutting-edge technology. Today and in the future, we are committed to preserve and enhance it through innovation.

The evolution of a family passion

In the period following the Second World War, grandpa Libero, who moved to Germany when he was just a little boy, decided to return to the landscapes framed by the majestic mountains of his childhood with his wife and five children, to start his own farm, expression of an uncontaminated place and of a simple and genuine passion. 

As a child, Ramona Tremea has dedicated herself to her father’s business, embracing his philosophy and then, together with her husband Angelo Paganin, taking up and preserving his legacy: search for authenticity of flavors in the naturalness of the raw materials, respecting the spontaneity of the seasons and the environmental ecosystem. 

Developing the concept of the farm towards the innovative experiential form of sustainable tourism, in 1991 the Bon Tajer farmhouse was opened – in Belluno dialect, “good chopping board”. The name was a prelude to the project, which has been going on ever since, to inspire visiting artists, painters and sculptors in the creation of painted or decorated chopping boards: a collection that counts huge 950 unique pieces, which have become the symbol soul of the farmhouse.

A natural genesis

Dolomais’ idea derives from the ancient tradition of Belluno, preserved and reinterpreted in an innovative way to transform the delicious polenta of the typical mountain meal – raw flour, pure water, a pinch of salt and skillful hands – into crispy and delicious corn sheets, as light as wings, crunchy at any time. 

The increasing appreciation of the guests and the growing success of Dolomais on the local market gave birth in 2015 to an ambitious entrepreneurial project: to bring Corn Wings on the tables of all those who love the lightness and pure taste of nature, nourishment for body, mind and soul.