A natural genesis

Our company is located on the slopes of the Dolomites National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site, where nature thrives uncontaminated and flourishing, infusing the raw material with the essential purity of its nourishment.

This is where Dolomais are born, the crowning achievement of our family’s long agricultural and culinary tradition, deeply committed with the territory of origin and its cultural heritage.

The Corn Wings take shape from the idea of genuine well-being that permeates the healthy life of these mountains, awakening the senses with the taste of the authentic goodness of what is really natural.

The philosophy of naturalness

Crunchy, light and delicious corn sheets to experience at any time the restorative taste of nature: Corn Wings feed body, mind and soul.

The high quality of our Corn Wings is the result of the care and commitment with which we wisely select very few and pure ingredients, exclusively from Certified Organic farming, without preservatives and chemical additives and totally GMOs free.

Only genuine and respectful ingredients

Organic whole corn flour, corn germ, pure water from the glaciers of the Dolomites, and a pinch of sea salt: the combination of raw materials grown up respecting the environmental ecosystem of origin, carefully selected and baked without added oils originates the authentic flavor of the original Corn Wings.

The experience of an unmistakable taste, which is preserved and enriched with new tantalizing shades in the three variants of Turmeric, Pizza and Onion.